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The CPS in 2020 will implement a system of nutritional monitoring of different groups of Russians
The CPS in 2020 will implement a system of monitoring the nutritional status of various population groups in the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as create educational programs on nutrition on its basis, said the Minister Anna Popova.
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Popov noted that the primary objective of the CPS in the national project "Demography" - work on quality of food, which should ensure the health of present and future generations. Speaking about what measures could help in improving the system power, the Minister noted that, in addition to consolidation at the legislative level the General issues of the formation of eating behavior, we need to introduce educational programs, and "this applies not only to children, because the highest levels of recorded obesity rate among the adult population."

"To assess the nutritional status of the population in various regions of the Russian Federation Rospotrebnadzor with FITZ food biotechnology and food safety in 2020 will introduce a system of monitoring the nutritional status of various population groups in the regions, especially children, based on the results of scientific research in the field of nutrition, dietetics and epidemiology, as well as linking population health with nutrition and quality of food products", - said Popov, noting that today, the objective and systematic data across the regions on this issue.

"The system of monitoring nutritional status will serve to develop targeted outreach and education programs. In 2019 with the participation of the mentioned scientific-methodological centers and center of sanitary-hygienic education of the population of the CPS will begin developing educational programs, their implementation in the regions", - said the head of Department.

According to her, to the end of the project 30 million people in 80 subjects of the Russian Federation will be covered by the training programs on issues of healthy and nutritious food.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, the rising incidence of obesity among the adult population aged 18 years and older with 2012 increased by 2.3 times. Previously Popov said that in Russia, about 14% of men and 26% of women have obesity in the groups 20-year-old - about 5% of men and women, and from 27 to 29 years and among women somewhat earlier, but this figure is doubled. In addition, for 40 years already 25-30% of men are obese and then, with age, the figure is almost not growing, and after 65 years begins to decline, in women, the prevalence of obesity reaches a maximum (about 50%) of the 55-57 years.




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