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“Genetics will teach you to identify counterfeit food.”
All about the falsification of food products
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FNTS food systems. V. M. Gorbatov RAS announces the start of recruitment for the training course "Detection of falsification of the composition of the products of molecular-genetic methods". This unique training product presents for the first time on the territory of the Russian Federation and created by experts in FNTS with the active assistance and support of the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs (RUSNANO group) and OOO "GENOTEK". The training course is aimed at training of specialists of food industry, in the field of modern and traditional methods of detection of falsification of food products.
In addition, according to the Deputy Director on economic relations and marketing FNTS food systems Stanislav Gorbatova, the training course will be interesting and useful for specialists of industrial laboratories, category managers and specialists of departments of quality, sales networks, managers and employees of the testing laboratories.
At the end of this course, the specialist will know the history and modern aspects of development of methods to combat counterfeiting of products, to know theoretical basics of physical-chemical, microbiological and molecular genetic methods to combat counterfeiting of food products understand the need for and feasibility of using microbiological and molecular genetic methods of quality control,to be able to interpret the results of physico-chemical methods of analysis, PCR, DNA sequencing and more.
Learn more about the program here: http://www.vniimp.ru/uchebnyy-tsentr/seminar_37.html
At the end of the course, all successfully completed the training will receive a certificate of professional development standard pattern.
Sincerely, Dmitry Gordeev
The head of the Center of economic and analytical studies
and IT-technologies, press Secretary
FEDERAL state budget scientific institution "Federal scientific center for food systems.In.M.Gorbatova"
so 8-495-676-64-11
M. 8-985-117-37-19

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