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Gordeev told about the benefits of creating a brand of health
The establishment of a "green" brand of organic products will enhance the level of consumer confidence in such products and to supplant the market of unscrupulous manufacturers, gave the Vice-Premier Alexey Gordeev during his press service.

"This practice is now being promoted in leading foreign countries," — said Alexey Gordeev. At the same time Russia often speculate on the topic of organic, environmentally friendly products, and supplying the shelves under these fake names. The reason is that in the country for a long time there was no legislation in this area has not been defined terminology and responsibility for the quality of goods.

"If a negligent businessman is cheating, therefore buyer, he is a danger only pay a small fine. In this case quite difficult to win a place in the market for bona fide producers, for whom production of organics is not yet a profitable business, but a mission to promote healthy nutrition", — said Deputy Prime Minister. Now it is necessary to form in society a new culture of power, he added.

The Ministry of agriculture of Russia, in turn, said that the volume of domestic market of "organic" currently stands at 160 million euros. Thus, given the potential for arable land, significant reserves of fresh water, increasing the use of modern technologies, by 2025 it can reach a volume of EUR 5 billion.

"In 2020 Russia shall force the law on organic agriculture, which will ensure the regulation of this area. He gives a clear definition of "organic production", and formulates the requirements for it", — noted in Department.

As reported in the Ministry of agriculture has prepared the road map for the implementation of the law on organics. Priorities is the creation of a single mark of organic products and the unified state register of organic producers. As reported earlier, "RG", it is assumed to label organic products and to support its producers. In Russia to create a secure domestic brand of environmentally friendly products informed the Russian government instructed the President during address to the Federal Assembly.

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