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Scientists have found grape juice helps to reduce weight
A group of scientists from the Institute of biotechnology (Brazil) found that regular consumption of white grape juice can affect weight loss in women.
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In the experiment, for use in the daily diet of white grape juice, participants decreased body mass index and waist circumference. Russian Union of juice producers notes that perhaps this effect was achieved due to the content in white grape juice polyphenolic compounds with antioxidant activity.

The study involved 25 women aged 50 to 67 years. Volunteers have used white grape juice for 30 days without altering your diet and lifestyle. According to the results of the experiment revealed that the juice had no effect on blood pressure, moreover, was not recorded changes in the level of glucose in the blood. Brazilian scientists concluded that the consumption of white grape juice is able to improve metabolic parameters in women, which may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Russian Union of juice producers recalled that due to its nutrient composition of white and red grape juice may help improve the overall condition of the human body, first of all it concerns the cardiovascular system, mental and physical health.

In 2018, the Russian Union of juice producers, together with DIRECTOR of "FITZ food and biotechnology" conducted a study of grape juice for the maintenance of 30 of food and biologically active substances. Analysis of juice samples purchased in retail chains showed that the content of many beneficial micronutrients in grape juice industrial production is comparable with their concentrations in fresh fruits.


About the Union

Non-profit organization "Russian Union of juice producers" (RSPS) was established on 5 October 1999 to facilitate the development of a civilized market of juice products in Russia, more than 80 percent of the total volume which is made by the enterprises-members of the Union.

Russian Union of juice producers conducts regular comprehensive studies of juice products presented on the Russian market. The Union gathered a significant amount of data on physico-chemical composition of juice, juice is being studied as part of the diet.

EPCA is actively cooperating with Russian research organisations of Russian Academy of medical Sciences and epidemiology, the leading analytical laboratories in Russia and Europe, international organizations. Knowledge and experience allow the Union to participate in educational activities in the field of healthy lifestyle of the citizens of Russia.



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