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Russia will be able to occupy 10% market share of organic products of Germany through six years
This was at a meeting with the producers of organic products, said Vice-Premier Alexei Gordeyev
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By 2025, Russia could increase its exports of organic agricultural products in Germany up to €2 billion per year and occupy 10% market share of such goods in the country, said Alexey Gordeyev.

"While the level of Russian exports to Germany ranges from €5 million to €8 million, or 0.1% of the total amount exported to the country organic. Given the fact that by 2025 Germany is expected to increase the consumption of organic products up to €17-20 billion, Russia could take up to 10% of this market and export organic matter to the amount of about €2 billion," he said.

Vice Prime Minister stressed the need to create full-fledged infrastructure for production, processing, logistics, certification and traceability of such products. This will help the market operate smoothly.

"Development of organic agriculture, agriculture, livestock production and turnover of products must be accompanied at the government level. Now, the government established an interdepartmental working group to improve the quality of food products in Russia. I consider it expedient to create in her a separate subgroup for organic products where viewed from all industry participants relevant problems and issues," – said Alexey Gordeev.

Published by the Ministry of agriculture data, the volume of domestic organic market now accounts for €160 million, but with the potential for arable land, as well as demand for such products in the Russian market, by 2025, could reach a volume of €5 billion.

In August 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law regulating organic production in Russia. The document introduces concepts such as "organic", "organic products" and "organic agriculture". The law also regulates the production, storage, transportation, marking and sale of such products.


Photo: pixabay.com

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