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Roskoshestvo told how to choose good cereals and oil for lent
Roskoshestvo spoke about the products for lent: what rice will turn out crumbly on how to choose buckwheat and what to pay attention to when buying vegetable oil.
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"Long-grain rice (indica) variety suitable for cooking rice as a separate meal – it does not stick together when cooked and turns crisp. Although this figure and passes primary heat treatment by steam, cooks it a little longer than regular white varieties, but it turns out soft and crumbly", - stated in the message of the organization.
Medium-grain rice is shorter and wider, its grains a little stick, but nevertheless, the dish is more delicate. This variety is suitable for soups, risotto, paella, experts say. As for rice, he, according to experts, the shelf is a creamy mass, it is therefore ideal for making pies, viscous porridges and puddings.
"When choosing a rice notice the grain: they must be whole (not cut), same length and shape and the packaging must not contain the husk. Also pay attention to the date of filling of rice than fresh rice, so it is better. The color of the grains must also be uniform: if the rice grains will fall greenish color, that means the rice is not ripe," the experts recommend.

When choosing a buckwheat experts advise to pay attention to the shape of the grain: the kernel of the buckwheat should be solid, but not shattered. "The less in buckwheat black or eye-catching color cores, so it is cleaner and better sifted," - noted in the organization.
You also need to evaluate the color of buckwheat. After the heat treatment, it acquires a rich chocolate color, just as the rump and worth buying.
Vegetable oil is listed in post products. "Refined oil is ideal for frying and cooking at high temperatures. It is purified using various processes and has a neutral taste and smell.
Refined oil does not release harmful carcinogens", - emphasized in the organization. Unrefined oil is just a mechanical filtration, it allows you to keep the smell of sunflower seeds, so it is well suited for salads.

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