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The success of the product GC "Yug Rusi" at the Prodexpo-2019
GC "Yug Rusi" has participated at the international exhibition "Prodexpo", the competition Commission of the exhibition highly appreciated the quality products of the don company. The gold medal marked the quality of the sunflower refined deodorized frozen oil
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"Zolotaya Semechka", mayonnaise "Provansal"Olive "Provencal Classic" "Avedov".

Unrefined camelina oil "Yug Rusi" became the participant of a new specialized section and the contest "Prodexpo Organic". The product was awarded the prize "Best organic product".

Bakery plant "Yug Rusi" was awarded a silver medal for the production of T. M. "Yug Rusi": bread of wheat-rye custard bread, rye bread, multigrain, bakery pastry - pie filled with "Black currant" and cheese cake.

The founder of the "South of Russia"Sergey Kislov said:" Our company is a permanent participant of the exhibition and annually participates in the contest "product of the year". Traditionally Russian and foreign manufacturers bring to the contest the best of their achievements. And in this giant showcase of the global food market our oil "Zolotaya Semechka" was the winner. So this award is for everyone who chooses the "Golden Seed" both in Russia and in many countries of the world."

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