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The Elevator 120 thousand tons of grain will start in Primorye this year
A resident of "Mikhaylovsky" company Rusagro will be put into operation the Elevator with capacity 120 thousand tons of grain and grain area 200 thousand tons within the framework of the investment project in the Mikhailovsky district of Primorye.
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With the progress of this and other objects erected in the "Mikhaylovsky", acquainted the Governor of the region during a visit to the municipality on Tuesday, March 12.

As reported to the Executive Director of "Rusagro-Primorye" Sergei Lysenko is currently the object under construction designs of the future complex, the communications.

"Everything is proceeding on schedule. This year we plan to put into operation an Elevator complex", – he said.

Also Oleg Kozhemyako visited the place of construction of two pig farms of the company "Rusagro" in the Mikhailovsky district. The term of commissioning of these facilities to November 2019 and January 2020, respectively. All in all, the project is centered on six pig farms and breeding farm with total capacity of 75 thousand tons of pork in live weight per year (610 000 head), and feed manufacture 300 thousand tons per year and beef production.

As stressed by the head of the region, Primorye's projects and now it is necessary to consider in detail the sanitary protection of the objects.

"Everything has to be carefully considered at the stage of construction and start-up. In this case we are talking not only about Economics but also about the prestige of the whole region", – said Oleg Kozhemyako.

Representatives "Rusagro" in turn, noted that all the facilities after completion of construction and commissioning will meet the maximum degree of biological safety – the fourth compartment.

Note, in addition to the company "Rusagro" in "Mikhaylovsky" operate and other residents. It is planned the construction of the exhibition complex, gas refinery, dairy.

The Governor drew the attention of the authorities on the timely construction of roads to the objects, connecting them to the utility infrastructure – electricity, water and gas supply.

"The projects took place, and they require support from the government. All this work we control, it is necessary to establish cooperation with investors, so we can have an objective and prompt feedback" – said the head of the edge.

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