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"Rosgosstrakh" insured pigs in large agricultural holding in the Tambov region
Tambov branch of "Rosgosstrakh" insured farm animals at one of the large pig-breeding complexes in the region. The livestock is insured from risks of loss (destruction) or emergency slaughter of animals as a result of illness, natural disaster, fire, accident, theft and unlawful actions of third parties.
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The amount of liability of "Rosgosstrakh" under the contract is more than 130 million rubles.

""Rosgosstrakh" insurance animals — historical types of insurance services, the company has been doing this for nearly a hundred years, — says head of Department of agricultural insurance "Rosgosstrakh" Vadim Konstantinovich. – Over the years, developed effective programs of insurance protection of farm animals that are in demand by both large agricultural holdings and small private farms. By the end of 2018 "Rosgosstrakh" took the first place by the number of contracts of insurance of agricultural risks. In addition, our company is the national Union of agricultural insurers, which gives the company the right to conclude insurance contracts with state support".

"Agriculture is one of the leading branches of economy of the Tambov region. And pork production we are one of the three Russian regions, the market-leading meat production, — the Director of the Tambov branch "Rosgosstrakh" Alexander Budarin. — However, one of the serious problems that threaten the financial stability of livestock of agricultural holdings — the African plague of pigs (Achs). The economic damage from the ASF is capable of supplying to the brink of bankruptcy even large agricultural holding. To avoid such consequences will help the insurance benefit. In turn, the "Rosgosstrakh" is ready to provide insurance programs that are most suitable for individual farmers".

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