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Rostselmash once again breaking records in terms of wages
According to statistics, the average salary in the company Rostselmash in 2018 exceeded 50 thousand rubles. This is a quarter higher than the national average.
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It is curious to note that the dynamics of growth in the lead - work of the profession. In the team of many employees, which for the month will earn 60 and 70 thousand rubles. The company, which operates a piecework pay, high numbers are associated with the same high dynamics of the production program.

In recent years the company feels a high demand for their equipment not only in the Russian regions, but also abroad. Moreover, the share of export sales in total sales is constantly increasing. Due to the fact that the product comes in different agro-climatic zones of the world, we are able to plan the production work rhythmically, without seasonal fluctuations and surges, says the HR Director at Rostselmash Denis Radionov.

The task of handling planning, according to D. Radionov, and decides the formation of the product portfolio of the company. Today the company produces the widest range of machinery, which is involved in the countryside almost all year round. By the way, as was announced earlier, in may, the production will be a new series of tractors – RSM 3000. This means that in the next few months working the company will have additional opportunities to earn even more. In this regard, the service personnel of the company again leads in the number of job offers. www.rabotarsm.ru

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