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"Kaliningrad meat company" plans to increase forage for cattle to 571 thousand tons in 2019
"Kaliningrad meat company", included in APH "Miratorg" reports that began to spring field work and in connection with the increase in the number of cattle it plans to increase the amount of forage to 571 million tons in 2019.
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Vertically integrated Agroholding implements all the basic stages of high-quality beef production, from growing feed for animals to deep processing of meat. In the framework of an interregional project of beef cattle "Miratorg" plans to increase the total livestock population of the Aberdeen-Angus breed in the Kaliningrad region by 20%, to 81 thousand heads in 2019 at the expense of own resources. On farms in the region is herd reproduction cycle "cow-calf", rearing and rearing of calves to a desired weight of grain for further fattening, slaughter and processing.

During the spring campaign 2019 total area of crops of perennial and annual grasses and corn for silage will be 17 thousand hectares – 17% more than in 2018. For spring sowing of grain will occupy 100 hectares. The results of the harvest campaign is planned to prepare 571 thousand tons of coarse and succulent fodder, which form the basis of the winter diet of cattle: 205 thousand tons of haylage, 336 thousand tons of corn silage, 10 tons of hay and 20 tons of straw.

"Kaliningrad meat company" has started field work. Crop specialists of the division carry out all complex of works: fertilization, cultivation, disking of the soil. Proper agro-technical measures, the use of modern agricultural machinery, high quality seed will ensure the harvest necessary to procure a sufficient volume of feed, and accordingly, the normative weight gain of the animals during the winter period", - said the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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