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Freight report, 13 week 2019
Region: Volga-don basin, the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea Tonnage: Bonfire
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As expected, the 13 week freight market of Azov region sank under the onslaught of a large number of spot tonnage. Betting on Turkish destinations decreased by $ 2-3 per ton.
Lack of cargo due to high volatility of the Turkish Lira and local elections to the city Parliament in the largest Turkish city. In the face of uncertainty importers chose to suspend procurement programme, which significantly affected the range of goods on the market. As a result, the Owners had to agree to lower rates in order to keep the fleet turnover and downtime.

Shipowners, interested in flight from the river towards the Black sea, has encountered a number of problems. First, in the regions located above Volgograd, and still partially is ice and therefore river elevators are planning to run only in mid-April. In the Samara region the NAV can be deferred until the end of April-beginning of may. Second, according to unofficial information from 1 April will not pass fleet in the area from Rostov to Volgodonsk due to the ongoing repair of Bagaevskiy waterworks. The official prospectus is expected by the middle of the 14th week.
In the Caspian region there has been a revival due to the return to activity of the Iranian buyers. Began to determine the average levels of rates of river ports, where over the last few weeks of solid work practically was not, and the Charterers only plans because of the lack in the market of importers. Many Charterers who have sold their party during Iranian holidays, still have not received payment from the recipients, which does not allow them to purchase a new batch for export. In General, an increase in demand for the fleet in the region remains stable, allowing some Owners peredoziruet fleet in the Caspian region, the tool used for this "transit" cereal flights from don on Iran. Because of the high demand for such flights, the stakes are growing more slowly in comparison with the shipments from the ports of the Volga.

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