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The far East asked to subsidize the production of bread
In response it is proposed to degrade the quality
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The isolation of the Far East from the main centers of cultivation and processing of grain, stretch supply chains, forcing local bakers to keep the price of its products higher than in Central Russia, the subsidization of transportation of strategically important product can not speak, told the news Agency REGNUM representative of the "bread" of the business.

"All the main centers of wheat growing are in the South-West of Russia. The Kuban and Stavropol give the country half of the total grain volume, and we have for its bakeries to carry the flour across the country, which naturally affects the pricing. Periodically we subsidizing the transportation of flour from the West to the East, but just occasionally we are given to understand that this issue will not be discussed. While transportation of fish products in the opposite direction is subsidized by the state, and this is considered normal," — said the representative of the bakery business.

"We offer a way out: to save cost — reduce the quality. Of course, no sane manufacturer, proud of the quality of their products, won't do that trick. But subsidizing transportation would do much to alleviate the situation prevailing in the industry, and the price of bread would immediately", — said the source.

The General Director of Omsk JSC "Baker" Arkady Goldstein is convinced that the final price of bread should be tied to the cost of fuel. In his opinion, today's fair price of bread is 80 rubles, which corresponds to the cost of two gallons of gasoline.




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