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Tomsk agricultural industry to introduce technologies of "smart" agriculture is ready!
Of the one hundred respondents of agricultural enterprises and individual farms, 56 percent are ready to invest in the digitalization of agriculture provided co-financing government
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As noted by the Deputy Governor for agroindustrial policy and natural resource management Andrey Knorr, transition APK Tomsk region to a new level of development have accumulated a critical mass of quality in production, investment activity and budget impact.

Tomsk oblast has achieved significant results on the efficiency of agriculture, having taken the first places in the ranking of the Siberian regions on many indicators. Last year the region became the first on the yield of grain and leguminous crops, has secured the leadership in milk production in agricultural organizations, ranked third in terms of production of eggs and first place in meat production and increase pork is among the five best in Russia

"It is no exaggeration leap forward, especially considering what he achieved in conditions of the Northern territories, where our neighbors of industrial agricultural production is almost non-existent, — considers Vice-the Governor. — If we want to continue to develop our successes, we need to answer today's main global challenge of transition to new technological way".

Tomsk oblast already actively using the technology of "smart" agriculture.

The region was opened the first in the Urals robotic farm, where today there are eight robotic milkers from Lely with the best possible equipment, including software. Complex for 400 heads serve only five people. Robots provide fully automated control of the herd, the control of milk quality, animal health and hygiene.

The region is developing electronic identification of animals (she has already covered 100% of smallholders), digitization of fields, precision agriculture, electronic veterinary certification.

In October last year the regional administration has signed an agreement with a major player in the field of artificial intelligence company "Kognitiv" about creation on the territory of the region the testing ground for unmanned harvesters and tractors.

Identified four pilot farms, where will be worked out the cycle of works in the fields: soil preparation, sowing, hypobromite, grain harvesting and forage crops. The test will take place in 2019.

"In General, technology transfer is yet insufficient as the level of automation of the most part of farms does not exceed 50% of basic technological processes. But the fact that Tomsk agrarians will cope with the technological challenge, the results of a survey of one hundred agricultural enterprises and individual farms. 56 percent are willing to invest in the digitalization of agriculture provided co-financing by the state and 32 percent participate in a pilot implementation projects of artificial intelligence in the technology of agriculture," — said Vice-Governor.




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