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Miratorg has opened the recruitment of 250 vacancies in the Belgorod region
APH "Miratorg", the leader in production of main kinds of meat in Russia, reports on the recruitment of staff to replace more than 250 vacant positions at the enterprises of the holding in Belgorod region.
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Miratorg is the largest taxpayer and employer in the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation. On the territory of Belgorod region is a key pig power holding company, grain company, feed mills, and the largest high-tech meat processing plant. Businesses provide stable employment, social guarantees and all-white wage more than 7,300 residents in the region.

In connection with the increase in production volumes and the creation of a personnel reserve of the Agroholding carries an extra set for a number of vacancies. So on the enterprise for slaughter and pork processing of agricultural holdings in Korochanskiy district required production and technical staff - engineers, mechanics, millers, gilowice, obalsti, loaders, operators, cleaning etc. For pig-breeding sites and feed mills holding's popular operators, supervisors, electricians, tractor drivers, forklift truck drivers, electricians.

 In 2016, the agricultural holding on the basis of former plant "Luch" in Belgorod launched the enterprise for the production of metal products and processing equipment. Currently the plant is successfully developing, expanding staff and carries an extra set of turners, millers, welders, fitters, crane operators and laborers.

 The company offers its employees a comfortable working environment and competitive salary. As well as arranging delivery, including from other areas of the region, corporate transportation to places of work of employees of meat processing enterprises and livestock platforms.

 "Miratorg" provides jobs for highly qualified specialists and employees without special education and work experience. We respect the work of each and believe that it should be adequately paid. In addition, the company offers its employees the opportunity to undergo training at the enterprises, to develop together with the company to advance your career," - said the press service of the company.



Employment at meat-processing enterprise applicants can apply by phone.+7 919 434 07 85 e-mail hrskk@agrohold.ru; on employment in other enterprises APH "Miratorg" in the Belgorod and Kursk regions - tel.+7 980 320 99 49 e-mail a.borozna@agrohold.ru .

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