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In the farming development of the Urals will invest 135 million rubles
Until 2024 will be allocated 135 million rubles from the Federal budget
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In Kurgan oblast on the development of farming and agricultural cooperation until 2024 will be allocated 135 million Federal roubles. This will allow to involve in small and medium enterprises more than 400 people.

The acting Governor of the Kurgan region Vadim Shumkov 4 April 2019 discussed with the Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev issues of development of agriculture in the region.

With the assistance of the Ministry of agriculture in the Urals built greenhouse complex "Martynovskaya" area of 12.5 hectares in Safakulevskoe area. The investment in this facility is more than 3.5 billion rubles. Will create 360 jobs.

"At the meeting, said plans for state support. It was as disjoint support, and the support of milk producers. Discussed training for our agricultural region. Touched on several topics, is the program of sustainable development of rural areas and the implementation of several investment projects in the region that the Ministry of agriculture is ready to support separately. The Minister also confirmed the readiness to participate in the modernization of equipment and equipment of veterinary laboratories in Kurgan region", — reported on the meeting with Minister Vadim Shumkov.

It is noted that a significant role in agro-industrial complex of Kurgan region plays a crop. Mainly in the area of cultivated cereals, legumes, oilseeds, potatoes and vegetables. By 2018 year, the grain harvest in the Urals exceeded the 2017 and amounted to 1.66 million tons — more than a third of the crop in General in the Ural Federal district. Growing exports of agricultural products in Kurgan region. In 2018, it increased by 15.3% and amounted to 16.8 million dollars. Foreign partners are bought in the region of oilseeds, grain, confectionery, yeast, rapeseed oil.




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