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In Germany, the farmers rebelled because of the tightening of the rules for application of nitrogen fertilizers
Do the rules complicating local agribusiness to the catastrophic situation that someone benefits from it?
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The history of the conflict stems from the intentions of the German Ministry of agriculture to tighten the requirements for the application of fertilizers in connection with the mass pollution of many lands nitrates: to establish a rule of no more than 170 kg of nitrogen fertilizers per hectare, regardless of the results of the soil tests and severely punished for violation of the norm.

"Anger, frustration and despair prevail against German farmers, and young people lose the courage to continue farming," said Regina Selhorst, President of the farmers ' Association Westfälisch-Lippischen Landfrauenverband, speaking at a rally in Munster, brought together 600 farmers last week.

Streams of slander on agriculture, which is blamed for all sorts of sins, and a new decree on fertilizer broke the camel farm of patience.

"Here at the rally are dairy farmers, pig producers, growers, organic farmers and conventional. Solidarity takes on new meaning in these difficult times. For many generations we live and work on our farms in the close family bond. We make decisions at the family table, sharing their joys and concerns. Rural culture and a well-maintained landscape, beautiful farm – all our family business. We are less than 2% of the population supported 50% of the territory of our country in the well-kept and prosperous appearance. Who will bear responsibility if it is destroyed?" Says Selhorst.

The uncertainty in agropolitical and lack of prospects – an explosive mixture, warn farmers.

"We are ready to change. But our agribusiness should remain stable. We educate farmers from generation to generation. And so it should remain", - said Selhorst.

"The requirements that now apply to agriculture, distract us from the urgent Affairs and deprive of sleep. We did all that was required and recommended: our enterprise was reorganized, scientific innovations introduced in the fields and on livestock farms, farewell, Museum agriculture, but we are not left alone," said Selhorst and demanded the government state planning for the preservation of jobs in farming for young people.

"When one farm after another is closed, the food production goes abroad, does this mean greater safety for consumers of food, when you don't know what lands you on a plate, as contained and the animals were fed and how was the Cycling of nutrients in this far sector," - said Selhorst.




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