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Europe in 2019 could be left without grain
In Europe, drought led to grain shortage. Harvest will not be enough to cover the needs of the economy.
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It became known that drought in Europe has led to a shortage of grain. Last year's harvest may not be enough to cover all the needs of the economy.

According to the UN, this year the demand in grain of 30 million tonnes will exceed the harvest. So, after a poor harvest last year has seen a dramatic rise in the price of bread. They rose 6.3%. Experts explain that the drought caused by global warming. But famine threatens the world, because there are sufficient stocks of grain.

In the world, however, a growing corn crop. She is maturing in a different environment and distinct from wheat.

However, the meteorologist predicts a possible decrease in yield of winter crops in Russia because of the lack of moisture in the grain districts in the South of the country.



Source: https://agronews.com




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