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The company "ZHASKO" completed the project on creation of the extruder for processing waste leather industry
In March JSC "ZHASKO" took the customer's acceptance of the extruder of special design.
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Long project for the creation of equipment for processing the waste tannery completed.

The specialists of the company, the project is complex and requires special consideration. Design changes have been made in three phases. Recent changes have affected the output of the barrel is press-extruder.

For the customer conducted a demonstration run of the extruder. It was completely staged process operation of equipment and the quality of the product. The company "ZHASKO" will produce two more extruders for the processing of this special material. The equipment will be installed in-Line extrusion with the customer.

The resulting product, the customer uses as a ready-high-protein additive in animal feed. Now kormoproizvodstva have the opportunity to feed protein organic origin wastes from the leather industry.

About the company "ZHASKO"

JSC "ZHASKO" is the leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of equipment for various industries. The company successfully works in the market since 1992. Partners and customers "ZHASKO" is the hundreds of enterprises located on the territory of Russia, EurAsEC countries and Europe.

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