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Miratorg has invested more than 4.8 billion rubles in the construction of the plant for the industrial processing of farm animals in the Kursk region
APH Miratorg, the leading vertically integrated agro-holding of Russia, announces the launch of the Kursk oblast enterprises for industrial processing of farm animals. Investments in the project exceeded 4.8 billion rubles.
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Miratorg is the largest investor in the agricultural sector in Kursk region – total volume of investments exceeds 25 billion rubles. The holding consistently implements the strategy of expansion of production of main kinds of meat in the region and produce goods with high added value. A pilot project of the agricultural holding might effectively complement the industrial chain and increase the depth of processing of farm animals.

Plant for the industrial processing of farm animals Pristenskiy is located in the Kursk region. The plant's capacity will allow to produce up to 33 thousand tons per year. The complex is a modern enterprise with high automation level: it is planned to produce about 100 products - treats, food for cats and dogs premium and super premium, formulations which are developed with consideration of the peculiarities of feeding various groups of animals, their breeds and age.

The basic raw materials to the plant comes with its own breeding sites, which allows to trace all the stages of production "from field to delivery to the retail network". Production processes do not involve the use of dyes and artificial preservatives. The quality produced by the enterprise of feed complies with international standards, which in the future will promote the replacement of imported analogues of products of domestic production, and will also improve its economic and physical accessibility.

The activities of the company fully complies with international environmental standards, and all packaging materials used in production are recyclable.

The plant will create 180 new jobs for the residents of the region and provide about 423 million of additional tax payments in budgets of all levels after the exit of production at full capacity.

"Kursk oblast has a huge potential for the development of modern high-tech agriculture and, above all, products of deep processing. This project is a logical complement to the existing vertically integrated production of agricultural holding and is expandable. In the future, on its base we plan to create a high-tech maskedby. Its launch will help to expand the range of quality animal feed produced by the plant and will create additional jobs in the region", - said the President of APH "Miratorg" Viktor Linnik.

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