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In Finland will start in food production from air
Finland has already developed a pilot plant that produces the "air" food.
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And while you will not see it on the shelves, as will the stage of testing in animals and humans, but for 2021 planned start-up of the plant, which will produce one million tons of "air" product. More precisely, a protein which can provide half the country's population, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Finnish scientists have invented a technology that will produce food even in the desert or at the North pole.

What's the point? As you know, any protein consists of the same elements as the air. It is nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, oxygen. The only difference is in the proportions and configurations of atoms. In addition, the oxygen and hydrogen of the air "associated" in the form of water vapor. Therefore, production of "air" food starts with a steam treatment. Using electricity (conventional electrolysis) vapor splits into oxygen and hydrogen. And then they added carbon dioxide and small amounts of trace elements. This mixture is then "served" to the special germs of these components create cells containing up to 60 percent protein, and amino acids similar to those present in soybeans or edible seaweed.

After heat treatment of this "brew" is produced powder-like in taste and appearance of wheat flour. This is a very nutritious substance: consists of about half protein, a quarter carbs and the rest fats and nucleic acids. Such a powder can be done any products: bread, sausages, and kebabs and salads etc.

While the drafters did not intend to completely displace the usual menu, I want to replace animal food. But six euros per kilo too expensive, soy protein is much cheaper. But scientists believe that over time, especially if global warming will be a harsh reality, "air" food can be the way out. Compared to traditional agriculture, this method does not require special soil, pesticides, toxic fertilizers. It can solve the problem of hunger in developing countries, allows you to produce food even in the desert or at the North pole. By the way, the EU has allocated an unusual project million euros.

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