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Delicious solenostomidae tomatoes were the subject of fraud in Spain
Spanish stomatology outraged with the situation in sales of copies of one of the most sought after tomatoes in the market: "It's like selling utility services at prices Ferrari"
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Famous Spanish variety of tomato RAF crop yields in drought conditions and irrigation brackish water, which gives the fruit a unique flavor.

When, in early 1967 was the first tomato RAF, few would have thought that his popularity will be so high.

Like most modern varieties, tomatoes RAF – the result of a scientific crossbreeding the American variety with Marmande variety. As a result of selection, the RAF acquired resistance to Fusarium. But its cultivation implies the requirement to sacrifice quantity for quality.

Farmers Jorge Lorenzo and Emilia Molina, one of the first who began to cultivate the variety 35 years ago, has witnessed growth in consumer demand for these tomatoes with exquisite taste.

A plus was the fact that the RAF tomato is easy to learn visually: green ribbed rind (sometimes with red stripes) and a fleshy, juicy pulp with tiny seeds. Feature of maturation is that the tomatoes will sing from the inside, not the outside.

томаты раф

Successful sales have led to the emergence of copies is almost the same hybrids.

For Jorge Lorenzo "the problem is not how to make similar hybrids. The problem is fraud without the consent of the consumer. It's like selling utility services at prices Ferrari. That is why efforts aimed at dealing with the implementation of the pseudo-Rafa in retail outlets. The deception lasts for many years, and it happens every day".

Farmers say that the crooks simply add the other tomatoes in the box with an exclusive variety that the consumer cannot recognize. In the end, people are overpaid, and responsible producers are suffering losses due to unfair competition.

Thus, the purchase of the tomato RAF is turning into Russian roulette.

Miguel Vargas, President of the cooperative CASI, gives the figures: "50% of the tomatoes that go on sale, like tomato RAF, in fact they are not. But it's beneficial to do this: the price of the RAF in the wholesale market - 4 euros per kilogram, and for consumers it will be up to 10 euros per kg."

To customers in the markets we recommend to pay attention to the price. A good tomato RAF it is impossible to find in retail within the value from 3 to 6 euros per kg. furthermore, it is possible to recognize the authenticity of the varieties in appearance. The fruit has a very noticeable green "collar", the striation expressed only in the upper part and the colours are pretty saturated. More pale counterparts, most likely hybrids. Finally, the flavor of this tomato cannot be confused.




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