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The developer of a unique plant growth regulators preparing for the exhibition at ENEA
"ECO NEST M" will take part in the salon "life of a farmer 2019", which will be held 14 – 16 may in pavilion 75 VDNH. The exposure of the company can be seen in hall V.
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OOO "ECO NEST M"is a developer and manufacturer of a unique plant growth regulators and organic fertilizers on a natural basis. The universality of action of drugs covers all crop production. High efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety for humans and the environment, ensure to obtain stable yields of high quality products.

The company is known for such drugs as EPIN-Extra, Zircon, Domosvet, micronutrient fertilizers chelated Cytowic, Ferovit iron amino acid chelate, silicon Kaliplant chelated micronutrient fertilizers and organic fertilizers Ecofys.

Participation in the exhibition with a booth gives you the opportunity to exchange experience, establish new business contacts, to find a promising channels for the marketing and distribution of its products.

Hurry up to submit the application. Call or email:
(495) 755-50-38, (495) 755-50-35, (495) 974-00-61; info@expokhleb.com

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show!

To receive a free electronic ticket to the exhibition, upon registration on the website: www.rus-selo.ru For journalists accreditation is provided.


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