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USA won the the WTO, China has dispute on quotas on imports of wheat, rice and corn
The United States won a world trade organization (WTO), China has a dispute concerning a Beijing introduced tariff quotas on imports of wheat, rice and corn. In a Thursday in Geneva the conclusion of the arbitration panel noted that the actions of Beijing in this area are in conflict with the assumed China to join the organization by carrying out that procedure of the introduction of quotas should be transparent and predictable.
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"The basic criteria for eligibility applied by China with the introduction of tariff quotas for wheat, rice and maize, is not consistent with the obligation to introduce tariff rate quotas in a transparent, predictable and equitable basis", — is spoken in the decision of the arbitrators hearing the dispute between the US and China.

At the same time, as follows from the text of the decision, the United States failed to convince an arbitration panel that China violated the Agreement on tariffs and trade 1994 in terms of quotas.

As told reporters one of the sales representatives in Geneva, who spoke on condition of anonymity, this dispute was initiated by the United States December 15, 2016, when they appealed to the WTO a request for consultations with China regarding its tariff quotas, including wheat, rice and corn. In Washington said that Beijing does not meet its obligations in 2001, the Protocol of accession to the WTO.

Because the parties were unable to agree during the consultations, a resolution of the litigation began on 22 September 2017 the panel. Made it on Thursday, the resolution must be approved by the Body of WTO dispute resolution (ODR) from 20 to 60 days, if one of the parties or both of them do not declare their intention to appeal. In addition, the judgment of arbitrators, according to WTO rules, may be revoked by a unanimous decision of ORS.





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