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The rice farmers of Kuban has again set a goal to grow 1 million tons of rice
In 2019, the authorities in Krasnodar Krai has put before the farmers the task to obtain the gross harvest of rice at 1 million tons.
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About this at the meeting dedicated to preparation to the sowing of rice, said the Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar territory Andrew Box, the press service of the regional administration. "Rice cereal is included in the list of export oriented products of the region, it is therefore necessary to use all reserves, which will yield 1 million tons", – said Andrei Box.

To this end, in the current year, the area sown to rice will be increased by 8 hectares and will be 125,3 thousand hectares. According to the Minister of agriculture of the Krasnodar territory Fedor Derek, sitting will be held in three weeks and will be completed by the end of may. Another reserve, according to Andrew Carton, is crop rotation in rice systems.

Recall that in 2018, the deputies of the Krasnodar territory was enshrined in regional law, the saturation limit of irrigation systems with rice-level from 57% to 67%. According to Andrew Carton, fixed rate tied to the state. Due to this, the authorities rely on the more responsible the implementation of the standard rice-based enterprises. In addition, rice producers focusing on the use of new high-yielding varieties, allowing to obtain high and qualitative yields.

Record rice harvest in the Kuban received in 2016 - then the gross collection amounted to 1.26 million tons. Soon, however, the rice farmers reduced sowing area. As a result, in 2017, Kuban has collected about 730 thousand tons of rice in 2018, the yield of this grain crop amounted to 871 thousand tons.


Photo: www.kubanmakler.ru

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