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Easter menu from the bakery-confectionery "Provence-bakery"
This Sunday 28 April there will be a light holiday of Easter, rich in superstitions and traditions, many of which have survived until now.
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The perfect decoration for any Easter feast – lush, rich and fragrant cake is a symbol of rebirth, resurrection, and return to life. You can bake the cakes themselves, but the recipe is quite complicated, the dough is capricious, and the time for such culinary rituals may not be enough. A great alternative is to purchase the correct, delicious and fresh cakes, cooked on the classic recipe, online family bakery "Provence-bakery".

Every year bakery shops "Provence-bakery" (included in GC "Agropromkomplektatsiya") are pleased buyers of the Easter products and expanding its range. Cakes baked according to the same recipe, always a bestseller. But the design of culinary products every year with its variety.

Joins the line of Easter products "Provence-bakery" and a completely new product – a classic, everyone's favorite, Easter. In recognition of the Director of the "Provence-bakery" Natalia Kolesnikova, "despite the variety of flavors and types of the Passover, decided to stay on the universal classics. The Easter collection this year, also includes such products as ginger cookies and French cookies "Sablé", perfectly crisp, tender and crispy, which is cooked with a large addition of egg yolks and butter. All products are made in the theme of the holiday: cookies "Sablé" - in the form of Easter bunnies and pussy willow, and macaroni – painted testicles".

"Of course, we also took care of a small tooth, - adds Natalia Kolesnikova. For children we have added Easter collection of cake-POPs on sticks, which are also made in the form of painted eggs. In my opinion, was a very bright, funny and positive."

Purchase Easter products, as well as favorite pastries, delicious confectionery and bakery products in farm shops "Ismail", the number of stores, "Dmitrogorsky product" and in the first samostoyatelno store bakeries-confectionery "Provence bakery", which opened in the shopping center "Avangard" is near the railway station Kryukovo.



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