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New measures of state support provided to farmers of the Moscow region in 2019
New directions of state support provided by the government of the Moscow region in the field of agriculture, in particular, in 2019, farmers will receive 100 million rubles for the maintenance of breeding stock of cattle, RIAMA announced Thursday Minister of agriculture and food of the Moscow region Andrey Razin.
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"For 2019 for our farmers, provided a new direction of state support. 100 million rubles – subsidies for the maintenance of breeding stock of cattle of the dairy direction for the acquisition of protein-rich feeds. And 30 million rubles per year in 2019-2021 years – subsidies for the purchase of young growth of sheep of dairy direction of efficiency," said Razin.

Changes in the state program "Agriculture of the Moscow region" introduced by the decree of the government of the region.

"In order to implement regional projects in the state programme consists of two new sub-programmes: "Establishment of support system for farmers and development of rural cooperative societies the Moscow region, and Export of agricultural products in Moscow region", – added the head of the Ministry of agriculture.




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