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The CPS gave recommendations on how to dye Easter eggs
The CPS on the eve of Easter gave recommendations for painted eggs.
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"Getting to the color of the eggs, remember that eggs are food products, and the use of unknown and non-food dyes can cause food poisoning and other unpredictable consequences for your body," - said in the message.
Among the acceptable ways of painting Easter eggs - dyeing with natural dyes. "The most popular are: onion skins, krasnokochannoy cabbage, beets, coffee, spinach and nettle, turmeric, paprika, green tea, hibiscus, blueberries and cranberries", - stated in the message.

Egg dyeing food dyes is also considered acceptable. "This should ensure that the dye really is food," warns the Agency.
Under current Russian sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms for coloring Easter eggs permitted food dyes with the following symbols on the labels: Е122, E 163, E110, E104, E 142, Е132, E 120, Е160, Е181, E124, Е133, E131, E102.

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