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Clothing from nettles and faux leather vegetables: interesting from the world of fashion
When beauty does not require victims
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Innovative developments in the fields of sustainable fashion became the laureates of the Global Change Award, tells the portal Meteotest.

The award was established in 2015 the non-profit Global Foundation H&M Foundation, privately funded by the founders and main owners of H&M group.

Swedish company H&M, founded in 1947, is Europe's largest retail chain for clothing. Even 10 years ago, it has repeatedly been criticized for the negative impact on the environment.

In response, the company launched a line of clothing made from organic cotton and recycled fabrics, which the store began in 2013.

The next major project was to support green start-UPS seeking to work on a reboot of the fashion industry.

Each year the Foundation allocates € 1 million to five winners and provides them with expert support.

This year among the winners were companies who "are the true masterminds and excellent partners for any fashion company that wants to contribute to protect the planet". All in all, it was filed 6 640 applications from 182 countries, according to the official website of H&M.

First place and €300 000 went to the German company for the digital system to re-cycle, which allows to develop a closed life cycle of each item of clothing from design to disposal. Buyers are scanning ID ready things will get comprehensive information about the product, including how to reuse or recycle.

Second place and €250 000 received a Swiss startup that demonstrated a biodegradable, water-repellent and windproof coating for clothing based on natural minerals.

The projects, located on the III – V places received €150 000.

Peruvian company on the basis of fruit and vegetable cells, microorganisms were used to create biodegradable vegan leather, which in this case reproduces all the properties and texture of leather.

The British company showed children's clothing that grows with your child. Waterproof and windproof garments produced on the principle of "origami" parts of the garment to expand and take shape for each child as it grows.

Kenyan company grows nettles and on its basis produces textiles. The remnants of the raw materials used for making paper and dyes.




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