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Alexei Sitnikov, President of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia", will speak at the forum "Fruits and vegetables: storage, logistics, marketing"
The domestic greenhouse vegetable production and its potential will be dedicated to the President of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia", Alexey Sitnikov, the international fruit & vegetable forum "Fruits and vegetables: storage, logistics, marketing", which will take place on 20 September 2019 in Krasnodar.

Alexei Sitnikov will talk about the challenges faced by greenhouse producers, the existence of a request for Russian vegetables from abroad and food security of the Russian greenhouse vegetables.

"Undoubtedly this is a difficult time for the Russian farmers. In the past year, the level of deliveries abroad decreased significantly, and some experts even began to say that about exporting to say pointless – they say, we would have his country vegetables to provide. I think this is a wrong approach and hope to convince my colleagues in this" - said Alexey Sitnikov.

Indeed, compared to 2017, in the past year has seen a strong decline in the export of Russian greenhouse vegetables. This is largely due to cuts in state support and an increase in the VAT rate to 20%. The greenhouse owners do not have enough resources to update outdated greenhouses and maintaining the same production volume, which correspondingly decreases and exports.

According to Alexei Sitnikov, under the circumstances, after 5 years the greenhouse area may be reduced to 300 hectares, and production of greenhouse products will be reduced to 70-100 thousand tons per year.

The Association "Greenhouses of Russia" - noncommercial Association of the greenhouse farms and the related industries. The Association consists of 242 enterprises, including 127 greenhouses. The main activities of the Association is to represent and protect the interests of the greenhouse plants in the government organs and departments of the Russian Federation, the study and implementation of achievements of scientific-technical progress at the enterprises of the protected ground; international cooperation in the field of protected ground.

International forum "Fruits and vegetables: storage, logistics, marketing" is not just a platform for the exchange of experience between colleagues from different subjects of the Russian Federation, but also a great opportunity to enter into mutually beneficial business contacts, to meet with partners and target audience, to increase sales, to expand the geography of sales.

Their innovative experience and recommendations to share more than 20 speakers.

The main topics of the forum will be:

1. The strategy of development of the industry, technology of storage and preparation for sale, distribution channels.

2. Perspectives and pain points of the industry of fruit growing: what changes are imminent?

3. Technology of storage and pre-sale preparation of fruit and vegetables for effective implementation.

4. The infrastructure of the sales of fruits and vegetables. How to implement?


To find out more about the speakers, agenda and to register for the event on the event website:



+7 (909) 450-39-02.



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