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Named, the imports of seafood Norway to South Korea
In 2018, more than 50 thousand tons of Norwegian seafood were on the table, residents of South Korea
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Today, may 15, representatives of the Norwegian Committee on fish held a press conference at The Seoul Plaza in Seoul, which announced the total marine product exports. It is reported by Yonhap News, citing its sources.

As reported by the Committee, Norway has imported to South Korea 2.7 million tons of seafood in the total amount of 13.46 trillion won (~$to 11.32 billion).

You know, in 2018 Norway imported to South Korea 25 393 tons of salmon and 26 872 tons of mackerel.

"The people of South Korea know the value of seafood. 48% of consumers trust the quality of our products, — said the representative of the Norwegian Committee on fish. — We understand that the South Koreans are concerned about the origin of the seafood and their quality. However, we can assure that our products meet all quality standards as we adhere to a strict system of control."

It is known that seafood imported to Norway in 146 countries of the world.





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