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The President of the NRA of the Roots of Beidou offered to the Public Council under the Ministry of agriculture, the development strategy of agricultural insurance
The national Union of agricultural insurers was offered to the Public Council under the Ministry of agriculture of Russia to consider this year, the question about the development of the Concept of insurance protection of the agricultural sector in 2020-2030. Meeting of Public Council took place on 15 may with the participation of Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia Dzhambulat Hatuov and Oksana LUT.
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At that meeting were taken into consideration suggestions of the participants on formation of the agenda, and formed a relevant Committee. The President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov included in the composition of the two commissions – the Commission for Finance and economy and the Commission for the crop and plant protection.

Public the Board had before it a Long-term strategy of development of the grain industry of Russia until 2035 developed by the Ministry of agriculture, which was presented by the Director of the Department of plant Roman Nekrasov.


"In 2019, the agricultural insurance system is working on a new legislative framework, in force since March 1, and the NSA offered to the Public Council at the end of the year to assess the first results of the implemented changes. Improves the flexibility of the system, there appeared more opportunities for choices. Now the question is – how to effectively use the tool of insurance protection to best meet the needs of modern agricultural production, which is currently in the process of qualitative changes. Therefore, along with the analysis of the situation and to develop the necessary strategic vision – how the agricultural insurance system needs to develop accordingly strategies, which are now being developed for agriculture the Ministry of agriculture of Russia ", – said the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov.

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