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Miratorg offering internships for over 100 students of agricultural universities and colleges in Russia to 2019
APH "Miratorg", the largest Russian vertically integrated agro holding informs that organizes a practice for more than 100 students of Bryansk, Belgorod , Smolensk, Kaluga, Orel, Tula, Moscow and other universities and colleges of Russia in modern livestock sites within the framework of an interregional project of cattle in 2019.
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"Miratorg" - one of the largest investors and employers in the agricultural industry of the country. Agricultural holding with scratch built a vertically integrated beef production from "field to fork" and continues development. On livestock sites within the framework of an interregional project of cattle in the Bryansk, Orel, Kaluga, Smolensk, Tula regions today has more than 10 thousand people. In connection with expansion of production the company annually creates new jobs, providing employees with all social guarantees and decent wages that exceed average earnings by industry. The agricultural holding is interested in attracting to their projects young people and for the formation of personnel reserve , and training future farmers taking into account the specifics of the modern agricultural implements the programme "Generation of agribusiness", encourages promising students with scholarships.

In the production practice the students of the regional colleges and leading universities in the country for two weeks to provide housing and transfer for the account of the company and distributed by departments of the holding company for all mentors. For future veterinarians, agronomists, engineers, livestock specialists, it is, first and foremost, the opportunity to gain experience in the implementation of production processes, as well as practical skills.

"Miratorg" - the expert in the field of practical training of future farmers. Students under the guidance of their mentors, learn the basics of the profession by participating in real production processes, gain valuable hands-on experience with the best technology and equipment, experience from industry professionals. This will allow them to operate successfully on modern agricultural production after graduation or in the graduation course. We create all conditions for professional development of young specialists, provide decent wages and social guarantees", - said the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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