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In agricultural enterprises of the Saratov region produced more than 45 thousand tons of milk
According to the Ministry of agriculture of Saratov region on may 20, 2019, farms produced 45,3 thousand tons of milk, which is 102% compared to the year 2018. The gross milk yield per day has reached 370 tons (101,1%), milk yield per cow per day – 18.4 kg (+1 kg by 2018), according to The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.
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In milk production leading Marxian (21 898 tons), Bazarno-Karabulakskiy (2,742 tonnes), Tatishchevsky (2 715 tons), Kalinin (662 tons) and Novoburasskogo (1 840 tonnes) areas.

Milk yield per 1 cow per day above or equal to the average for the region (18.4 kg) in agricultural enterprises Marxian (27.8 kg), Kalinin (26,3 kg), Engels (23.6 kg) and Rtischevskiy (19.3 kg) of municipalities.




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