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Chuvash farmers have significantly increased acreage of oilseed crops
On may 22, in most farms of the Republic of sowing of spring grain and leguminous crops is completed. Work is ongoing in 47 farms.
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214,5 thousand seeded acres, or 89.2% of the plan, subject to replanting the dead of winter crops (in 2018 171,5 thousand hectares, or 80 %).

The current planting pace is ahead of last year's figure of 43 thousand ha.

In the structure of the spring sowing is greatly expanded area of high-yield oilseeds. Sown area of rape on 22 may is 8.9 thousand hectares (115,6% to the total last year).

A similar situation in the sowing area of mustard. Seeded 9 thousand hectares (121% by the end of 2018).

In the light of the sunflower, oilseed radish, flax and soybeans sown 22.3 thousand ha of oilseeds which is 5.3 thousand hectares ahead of the end of 2018 (17 thousand hectares).

The pace of planting is also ahead of last year. Planted 5.1 thousand hectares, which is 0.3 thousand hectares more than in 2018 (2018 – 4.8 thousand hectares). More than 800 hectares has already been planted in Batyrevsky, and Kozlovsky districts. The share of these municipalities accounted for 32.8 per cent of the total area of potatoes in the country.

In agricultural organizations and farm vegetables planted on an area of 533 hectares (in 2018 – 373 ha), sugar beet – on 860 ha (2018 820 ha).

The main trimming hop rhizomes conducted on 101 ha (2018 98 ha). Hops hung on 99 hectares (in 2018 at 77 ha).




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