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Ukraine. Business requests to postpone the introduction of new state standard for wheat
The EBA called for the introduction of a new standard on wheat two months earlier than planned
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The European business Association urged the relevant Ministry to postpone the introduction of a new national standard on quality wheat from August to early June.

According to the EBA, the new standard is effective from August 1, 2019, but the campaign of harvesting wheat in June.

The Association suggested that the change of standards in the course of cleaning "will lead to misunderstandings in the reception, shipment and accounting of grain at grain enterprises, and also will complicate international trade."

In this regard, the EBA called on the Ministry of economic development and trade, the Ministry of agrarian policy and food and GP Ukrniuts to introduce a new standard in June.

Additionally, the Association pointed to the need to prepare a clarification of the definition of the class nature of the past wheat crops under the new standard, to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

According to the EBA, the new standard will reduce the number of classes of wheat from 6 to 4 (three class food and one feed wheat) to change the methodology for determining grain quality and positive impact on farmers.




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