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NSA supports the actions of the leadership of Krasnodar region for the restoration of agricultural insurance
"The national Union of agricultural insurers supported the measures taken by the administration of Krasnodar region for the restoration of agricultural insurance with state support. NSA is ready to support the agriculture of the region for assistance in solving this problem", - said the President of the NRA of the Roots of Beidou, commenting on the statement of the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev, who said that the regional authorities have allocated all the necessary resources to support agriculture to produce "not just significant, but, above all, quality of the harvest."
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By the end of 2018 Krasnodar region took the 3rd place in Russia by volume of the insurance market selkhozizdat. At the same time of 237,5 million rubles of insurance premium almost the entire volume, or 233 million rubles, was paid by the farmers of the Kuban independently, under contracts without state support. On the conditions of the grant was insured for not more than 2 thousand hectares and the volume of this market decreased by 21 %.

"Agrarian and industrial complex of Kuban is high results in agricultural production, and major local risks - said the Roots of biggov. – So for the past 5 years, the region is traditionally among the five largest regional markets of agricultural insurance. In 2017-2018, the province has stopped providing subsidies for insurance, and without government farmers found it difficult to pay for insurance policies at a high cost crop. In 2019 Kuban restores state support of agricultural insurance".

According to a statement by administration official information, the region plans to allocate subsidies from the Federal and regional budget for the agricultural insurance in the amount of 340 million roubles.

The problem of restoration and development of agricultural insurance in the region was discussed in March at the regional meeting on the organization of spring field works 2019. The development of horticulture and viticulture of the Kuban leadership identified as priorities. A related proposal to NSA to develop, together with agricultural administrative bodies and farmers of the region the special program of insurance protection of these areas tailored to their risks.

For example, in 2018, the year in Krasnodar Krai hail and strong winds damaged crops 290 hectares of Apple orchards – unripe apples have fallen, the crops died, the loss also was estimated at almost 200 million.

"Insurance protection of agriculture with state support allows farmers to insure not only the harvest of orchards or vineyards, but also planting of perennial plants, – said the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov. – It has a special significance, in particular for viticulture".

For the period of validity of the law on state support of agricultural insurance from 2012 to 2018, insurers have made payments to the farmers of the Kuban more than 3 billion rubles, including including among them 1.7 billion rubles – on insurance with state support. Payments companies NSA committed risk "atmospheric drought" (53%), freeze (21 %) and "dry wind" (18 %).

"Measures aimed at restoring insurance in the Krasnodar region can make it more accessible from the point of view of the cost of insurance for farmers in the region, - said the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov.

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