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In the Krasnodar region will support the baking industry
The head of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev believes that the state of the baking industry in the region will allow local production to remain competitive in the domestic market.
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Veniamin Kondratiev met with residents of the Seversky district, who complained about the lack of bread is produced locally in stores. The Governor, in turn, noted that the bread in the region made from high quality of growing wheat, respectively, and baked goods are sold at a high price.

Therefore, retailers more profitable to buy goods in neighboring regions. He noted that it is necessary to reduce the cost of production of the Kuban bread.

To do this, Veniamin Kondratiev offers to modernize production. The head of the region announced that the region has addressed with the initiative of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation on the establishment of the program of preferential crediting for purchase of raw materials. In addition, he stressed that the region also needs support.





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