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The Amur region is prepared for 5 years to double exports of agricultural products in China
According to the Minister of agriculture of the Amur region Oleg Turkova, now the annual volume of agricultural export from Amur region to China reach 400 thousand tons per year. By 2024, this amount could rise to 800 thousand tonnes abroad is planned to send not only soy. If there is demand and feasibility in the Chinese market of the Amur farmers will increase plantings of wheat, corn and barley.
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As noted in the government of the Amur region, currently being implemented in the region some large investment and cross-border projects, which are of great importance for the further cooperation of neighbouring States.

First and foremost is the creation of the international automobile bridge across the Amur river between Blagoveshchensk and Heihe. The construction of the facility was entering a crucial stage - may 31, 2019 will be a joining of two parts of the bridge. "Sure, this event in perspective will give a powerful impetus, in particular, to increase exports of agricultural products", - said the first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Tatyana Polovinkina.


photo: strategy24.ru

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