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Omsk farmers planted more than 1 million hectares of spring crops
The most active is the sowing campaign in 13 districts of the region.
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Sowing campaign in the region continues to increase. As of may 22 spring sowing amounted to 1.1 million ha or 41.2 % of the plan. On today's date in 2018 was sown 902,5 hectares, or 32.6% of the plan.

Grain and leguminous crops were sown 764,8 thousand ha or 38.6% of the plan (2018 – 611 thousand ha and 29.5% of the plan). The most actively sowing is carried out in 13 districts of the region: Odessa, Tauride, Kalachinsk, Kormilovka, Cherlaksky, lyubinskiy, Omsk, Kolosovska, Bolsherechye, Nazyvaevsk, Tukalinsk, Tara and sedel'nikovskiy. The sowing of oilseeds amounted to 200, 4 thousand ha or 64.2% of the plan (canola, flax, soybeans, sunflower, ginger).

The sowing of vegetables is conducted on the area 2895 ha or 55.8 percent of the plan. Planting potatoes carried out on an area of 19.2 thousand ha or 61.8% of the plan. The sowing of flax in the Trailer, Bolsheukovsky and Znamenskoye areas amounted to 2380 hectares or 47.7 per cent of the plan.

Fertilizers are made on the area of 177,3 thousand hectares in the amount of 8.4 thousand tons of active substance (in 2018 108,9 thousand hectares in the amount of $ 4.7 million tonnes). On may 22, purchased 17 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers in active ingredient or 91.9% of the planned amount (in 2018 15.5 thousand tonnes). Organic fertilizer made on the area of 22,0 thousand hectares in the amount of 852 thousand tons.

Patraulea of seeds of grain crops in the amount of 176.2 thousand tons (in 2018 - 169,4 thousand tons). Purchased elite seeds for sowing in 2019 to over 13.9 thousand tons (in 2018 to 12.7 thousand tons).




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