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By 2024, the district will increase agricultural exports by 3.5 times to 1.3 billion dollars
By 2024, the district will increase agricultural exports by 3.5 times to 1.3 billion dollars. This was announced by the Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev at a meeting on export development of agricultural products in the North Caucasus Federal district which took place on 24 may in Zheleznovodsk (Stavropol region), according to The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.
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According to the head of the Ministry of agriculture, the North Caucasian Federal district makes a significant contribution to total agricultural production. The region ranks sixth in the country for the production of livestock and poultry, grows about 11% of Russia's harvest of grains and legumes.

The main export items of the district are grain, meat, dairy and finished food products. For the first 4 months of 2019, the amount of supply of agricultural products and foodstuffs from the North Caucasus Federal district abroad amounted to 108 million dollars.

"By 2024, the region needs to increase agricultural exports by more than 3.5 times from the current $ 350 million to $ 1.3 billion. The NCFD in the total planned Russian exports will amount to 2.8%," - said Dmitry Patrushev.

In achieving the above objectives should contribute to each subject district. It is planned, for example, that the Stavropol region will provide growth at the expense of grain, meat and dairy products, food products and processing industry. North Ossetia – Alania bets on grains, sugar and beverages, the Republic of Ingushetia – on fruits and vegetables, and Kabardino-Balkaria will continue to develop exports of chocolate and confectionery products.

In General, the district will have to significantly increase the gross harvest of grain and oil crops, production of livestock and poultry, milk. An important role in the implementation of the tasks given to the support measures, the volume of which is increasing annually, and the list of areas is expanding. As the Minister said, for the highly productive work of farmers should be supported in full and on time. Meanwhile, currently, the district ranks last among all districts in the delivery of funds to farmers, in connection with which Dmitry Patrushev called on the heads of North Caucasus regions to hold this question on special control.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister noted that the main constructive effect of the tasks is to improve the quality of life of the people, the workers, agribusiness and residents of rural areas.

In the framework of the visit to Stavropol Krai Dmitry Patrushev also held a working meeting with Sergei Chebotaryov and Alexander Matovnikov, where the sides discussed topical issues of development of agriculture in the district and outlined plans for cooperation between Federal agencies in order to create favourable conditions for increasing agricultural production in the district and ensure food security of the country.




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