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24 may 2019 Official dealer of CLAAS – JSC "Atlant" – opened a modern service center in Oryol. The new center is located on the site of a major base of the "Agrosnab of the USSR" - government agencies, providing at the time, the logistics industry in the region. Convenient logistic location for the new center ensures timely and quality customer service CLAAS, not only in Orel, but also in Tula and Kursk regions.
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Multifunctional center with a total area of 26 thousand square meters, will be among the largest in Russia. Directly to the service area with two separate rooms will occupy 1,400 square metres with the ability to simultaneously take service up to seven tractors and four combines. Considerable space is reserved and under parts warehouse – 830 sq m, sufficient for simultaneous storage of more than 10 thousand articles. More than 85% of spare parts shipped to customers from its own warehouse on the day of the request. This will allow you to complete repairs 80% of the equipment within days after treatment, which is a single world standard of CLAAS.

Year-round on the outdoor exhibition area and show room sales office will host the latest models of equipment that meet the seasonal needs of farmers. So, in the coming months, visitors CLAAS dealership in eagle will be able to see and get expert advice on operating machinery employed in harvesting operations harvester JAGUAR 860 with the pick-up PU 300, big baler QUADRANT 5300 RF, telehandler SCORPION 741 VP. Directly on the opening of the center at the exhibition was also presented a new modification of the combine harvester TUCANO 580, Reaper CONVIO FLEX 1080 and full line of tractors from 145 to 524 HP.

For the company "Atlant", included in the best three dealers CLAAS on the results of comprehensive evaluation of the partners in 2018, the new centre will be a key in its area of responsibility covering Orel, Tula and Kursk regions. Of the 82 employees there will be 45 people, including international specialists, certified to service the engines of different brands.

In the centre customers with CLAAS will provide a full range of services: the current technical and pre-sales services, warranty service, repair, and training. For training engineering and technical personnel of agricultural enterprises equipped a special class. At the disposal of students - equipment and areas for practical training.


"Base of Agrosnab, which was located in Soviet times, the location of the new centre, a multifunctional structure and solve a variety of tasks related to the planning and development of agriculture in the region. Of course, the range of issues that we as an official dealer of CLAAS will solve several of another, but for our customers and those companies that are only starting to our equipment, we will be in the same single window with a full range of services. Round-the-clock farmers will be able to count on our support required for the smooth and efficient operation of combines, tractors, chromatographically and other equipment",- said Director of JSC "Atlant", Surkov Maksim Vladimirovich.

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