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"Miratorg" plans to create over 400 new jobs in the production of semi-finished products in the Kaliningrad region in the next 3 years
"Miratorg", the largest Russian producer of main types of meat, reports that it plans to employ more than 400 people at a new plant for the production of semi-finished products in the Kaliningrad region in the next 3 years.
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"Miratorg" - one of the largest employers and taxpayers in the agricultural sector of the Kaliningrad region. Assets of the company include crop production division, livestock farms, meat processing plant, logistics and distribution company. In these enterprises, including in rural areas, has created jobs with decent working conditions and competitive salaries for about 2,000 people. Holding company to provide tax deductions in budgets of all levels and social funds over $ 1 billion per year.

Miratorg is implementing a growth strategy production of high quality domestic products, increase the availability of meat for the population and therefore plans to expand production capacity by building a new complex technological lines for the production of semi-finished products in Guryevsky district, Kaliningrad region. During the development of the platform holding uses the latest equipment and advanced automation technologies and products will meet international quality standards. The new production will help to solve the employment problem in the region - the staff of the organization will exceed 400 people. The company will demand the operators of the lines, the engineers, the employees of quality Department, warehousing.

"In accordance with the plans of business development Miratorg continues to create jobs in the region: the company provides employees with comfortable working conditions, competitive "white" salary and a comprehensive benefits package, arrange for the delivery of corporate transportation to and from work. Employment program is aimed at professionals with experience and candidates without special education and work experience, graduates. We are willing to invest in training employees, developing and maintaining their professional experience," - commented the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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