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In Buryatia the conference of the Russian Union of rural youth
The participants learned about the forms of state support of development of rural territories
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Conference "the Village — the area of youth development", organized by the Russian Union of rural youth was held in the Ministry of sports and youth policy of the Republic of Buryatia, reports a may 31 press service of the Buryat agricultural Academy (BSAA). V. R. Filippova.

The event was attended by activists of the joint Council of students and students of BSAA, young professionals from the areas of the Republic, representatives of the Russian Union of rural youth and its regional branches in Buryatia, the Chelyabinsk region, the Krasnoyarsk territory.

The head of expert-analytical center of the OMOO "Russian Union of rural youth" Natalia Fedjakova told the conference participants about the forms of state support of development of rural territories, the all-Russian contest "Leader of public opinion in rural areas," the information and Advisory teams in the regions and other interesting projects, contests and grants, under the auspices of the Union.

"The benefit of such conferences is that we have the opportunity to meet with like-minded activists from other regions and to exchange experiences, to learn how they live today, what projects to implement, to learn something useful", — said the activist of the United Council of students of the Academy, Chairman of the Tuva communities BSAA Dozur-ool of Bariska.

During the event, the chairmen of the regional offices shared their experience and results the most successful projects, invited young people of Buryatia to actively participate in the activities of the Union.

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