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The damage from the death of winter crops in the Saratov region is estimated at 480 million rubles
In the Saratov region, taking into account the dead of winter crops sown 2.6 million hectares of spring crops. On 4 June, Yershov said the Governor Valery Radaev.
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According to him, the figure is 7% higher than plan. The situation is similar for industrial crops and 1.3 million hectares.

"Among the areas the leaders are pugachevskaya, Ershovskiy, Perelyubskiy, Ivanteevka, Kalinin and Balakovo. In Arsovska one of the best results of 113.7 thousand hectares.

In General, cultivated in optimal agronomic terms, which allows us to rely on the implementation of a plan to harvest 4.2 million tons of grain. As for winter, the dry autumn of 2018 and rainfall in the winter led to the death of the crops. Suffered more than two hundred farms. The damage is estimated at 480 million rubles. In this regard, on may 21, I signed a decree on the introduction in the 13 municipalities of the state of emergency.

Currently, the Ministry of agriculture of the Saratov region is receiving documents for the affected farmers. After synthesis, they will be directed for support", - said the Governor.

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