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The Ministry of agriculture will develop a number of concepts of promotion of export-oriented brands APK
The Ministry of agriculture of Russia plans to form a comprehensive system of promotion of Russian agricultural products to foreign markets. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of agriculture Sergey Levin for a panel discussion of the Ministry of agriculture's "Made in, according to The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.
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The importance of the reputation of the country on the world food market", which took place at the St. Petersburg international economic forum. The session was also attended by the General Director of the Russian export centre Andrey Slepnev, head of the Committee for agricultural policy of the Russian public organization "Business Russia" Andrey Danilenko, Director of government relations Alibaba Russia Sergey Lebedev, the General Director of open company "Arla foods Artis" Michael Lyasko and other experts, who discussed the evolution of consumer preferences on the world food market and considered the issues of promoting Russian agricultural products abroad.

According to Sergey Levin, the Ministry of agriculture will create a single branch system of branding and the protection of domestic agricultural products, including a range of marketing activities to enhance its brand awareness, added value and creation of additional values that meet the preferences of consumers in key markets.

"By 2024 we plan to develop a number of concepts of promotion of export-oriented product groups under the umbrella brands in the industry, providing analysis of business models, target markets, measures of legal protection of trademarks, development of requirements to quality of products and suggestions for advertising and information support, which will consider the specifics of importing countries," said Sergei Levin.

Today, Russia is widely known internationally as a manufacturer of grain, fish products and vegetable oils, which do not need any special branding. At the same time, more work is needed on positioning on foreign markets of dairy, bakery products and some niche products of high added value products. As noted by Sergey Levin, the interest to work under the "umbrella" has shown the largest Association of producers of milk, of honey, of fishermen may and processors.

In the conclusion of his speech the Deputy Minister emphasized that the formation and promotion of food brands is one of the main tasks of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia in the framework of the activities for the development of export agriculture, and combines the efforts of the state and business will allow the Russian high-quality products to occupy a worthy place in foreign markets.




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Monday, 14 October 2019
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