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Oregano oil is beneficial for sows and piglets
In search of alternatives to antibiotics, scientists have studied the effects of oregano oil on the body of pigs
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According to a new report presented by Dr Melanie Le Bon from Nottingham Trent University in the 75th annual conference of the British society of animal science, oregano essential oil should be considered in the protection of the health and productivity of pigs, because it contained active substances.

Carvacrol and thymol – two important compounds that have demonstrated antimicrobial and antioxidant functions during the test on animals.

The report's co-author Heidi Hall, technical Manager of the company Anpario in pig breeding, said: "the pig industry is increasing pressure to reduce the use of antimicrobials, while improving the health and productivity of animals. Therefore, the search for sustainable alternatives is of increasing interest."

The study, presented by Dr. Le Bon, senior lecturer in the school of animal, rural and environmental Sciences at Nottingham Trent University, was conducted on a commercial pig farm in UK 62 productive sows and piglets.

The efficacy parameters studied throughout the study included the feed intake of the sows and evaluate the condition of the body, as well as weekly weight of pigs, their feeding, mortality and consumption of drugs.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the inclusion of essential oil of oregano helped to keep the indicator of the health of lactating sows to improve the weight gain of piglets during the first weeks of life to reduce mortality up to weaning of piglets and significantly reduce the frequency of use of drugs.

"To reduce the dependence on antimicrobials in weaning, such as zinc oxide, farmers-breeders should consider alternatives to the use of natural products, especially during weaning and in early age of the animals. This measure is ensuring long-term optimum performance," said Heidi Hall.




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