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Beveled first thousand acres of grass on the fields of the Udmurt Republic
On the sidelines of the Republic is nearing completion of spring sowing – the sowing of spring crops is almost completed in most areas has been completed acceptance of crops, Gerber celebrated and rewarded the best. Starts a new and important phase in crop - forage.
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To date, completed sowing of spring grain and leguminous crops. They are planted on an area of 291,5 thousand hectares Reported on the work done and linoleuma farms – flax this year took just over 4 thousand ha of the spring crop. Completed sowing of annual grasses, corn, canola. According to operational data on June 5, is 98% made a plan for planting potatoes (last year on this date – 33%), sowing of vegetables – 66% (22%).

Two districts have already begun to forage. This year the mowing of the grass first out of Krasnogorskiy and Karakulinskogo areas. Beveled first thousand hectares of forage land, laid 1.7 thousand tons of haylage.

In full force to forage today turned kachkashurskoe, OOO Krasnogorsk district. Planting in the area closed on 22 may and 30 may, the farmers "Kakashura" made a trial trip on forage. "When harvesting silage, the main error lies in the fact that experts expect high of grass that the ground was more — explains the early start of the harvesting head of the enterprise Victor Babintsev. Scientific studies show that when working with this type of feed of the workpiece should start at the stage when the buds are formed. The haylage we prepare for those fields, where sown Galega. Now he has matured. Another reason for our early departure to late to make a second harvest".

The rest of the farms completed debugging of forage and grain harvesters, which will soon start to work. A little more and the country will begin a massive haymaker.


source: https://agrovesti.net



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