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The agriculture Ministry warned residents of the capital of Serbia about the invasion of wild boars
The rise of the water level in the Danube has forced the herds to move boars into densely populated areas of the capital of Serbia, citizens need to avoid coastal parks for their own safety, reported the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water economy.
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Residents of Belgrade in recent days spread in grazing on lawns and passing a six-lane highway in the most densely populated areas of New Belgrade and Zemun groups of wild boar with piglets. They moved to the "mainland" from the island of Veliko Ratno in the city at the confluence of the Sava into the Danube.

"Management of forests draws the attention of citizens to the potential danger from wild boars, which are located in the districts of New Belgrade and Zemun", - the Ministry said.

"Boars outside his usual territory, visibly excited, some females expecting offspring or have recently farrowed, that maximizes the level of risk," - said the Ministry of agriculture of Serbia.

It is noted that in these neighborhoods the duty of societies of hunters, police and veterinarians who catch wild boars and transported in special services.

"For the sake of personal safety and avoidance of excitement, which can cause uncontrolled reaction and movement of wild boars, it is necessary to avoid Hiking in the coastal areas of New Belgrade and Zemun, especially in the evening and night hours, while the risk remains," - concluded the Agency.

The Danube promenade in these areas is the most popular place for walks of citizens, close to one of the largest shopping centers in Belgrade and the governmental complex "Chamber of Serbia".




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