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In Roskoshestvo told about the preparation of traditional hash
"Summer soup" can be charged with ayran or yogurt
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For preparing the classic hash, which is "the summer dish" requires cucumbers, potatoes, green onions, eggs, radishes, dill, sour cream and kvass. At will "summer soup" add boiled meat or boiled sausage. About it reported in a press-service of Roskoshestvo.

The experts of the Agency noted that to cook the hash is quite simple, the main thing is to buy quality products. So, vegetables in the "summer soup" is recommended to cut into strips or equal cubes. Green onions and dill need to cut finely, and boiled eggs cut into cubes. Salt to the hash is added to taste.

Specialists suggest to use for making classic okroshka on kvass sour drink, in any case not sweet. In the classic version also fit the beer, made at home.

In addition, the "summer soup" can be charged with ayran or yogurt.

Soup recipe: one liter of kvass, two eggs, 400 g boiled white chicken meat, 200 grams boiled cauliflower, a bunch of radishes bunch of parsley bunch of green onions, three large boiled potatoes, salt and 50 grams of sour cream.




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